"This was calculated insanity"

How we made love - For Lovers Only backstage

After all these years…
I ever wanted was for you to be in
That nothingness to catch me when I turn
myself inside out for you
I still miss you

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You can’t deny that these two together have great chemistry. I mean, that’s just the bottom line. There’s no denying their chemistry and I think people automatically take to that.

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If you keep moving i’m not gonna get you focused.

OMG!! Can someone please upload it on youtube or something??!!

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For lovers only | How we made love

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I would constantly be asking Mark, i’m like, “Do we have anything? What do you think of it? Is there anything there?”

"You’re saying break our hearts - it’s easier than breaking theirs."

Yves, For Lovers Only (How We Made Love deleted dialogue)